Michelle Reinhardt

In today’s show, we are giving you some dynamic communication tools to help you have conversations that count about things that matter!

And also show you how you can say NO and remain in your power. This is so incredible for those of us that struggle with effective communication and feel like always end up disempowered because we don’t know how to do the whole communication thing differently. Well, struggle no more.  Tune in and lap all of this delicious information up and allow it to make a massive impact in your future.

Today’s guest  is Gail Page Creator of  Positive Pathways

Gail is a qualified coach, workshop facilitator, and sought after Catalyst for Change. Over the last 18 years, she’s become the go-to person for Individuals, teams, and businesses when negative behaviors and ‘sticky’ interpersonal issues crop up.

She helps you have conversations that count about the things that matter most by identifying your triggers, what pushes your buttons, and the barriers that stop you from asserting yourself.

Gail’s pragmatic, no fluff, no B/S approach, and her uncanny ability to quickly identify the root causes of issues enable you to develop workable solutions that build better personal and workplace relationships.

We’re answering some real problems that create catastrophic consequences yet can be very simply shifted to an empowered state.  Learn

  • What keeps you dumbing down who you are
  • How to feel empowered to have conversations that count about what matters most.
  • How to assert yourself and say NO without actually using the word.
  • The ‘real’ reason conflict happens between people
  • What causes us to get into conflict
  • We give you an example of a ‘conversation that counts’ and why  people avoid them


There a way that people can say No and remain in their power without actually using the word

Tune in as we take you deeper into

1   Finding your own your truth & your part in every interaction you have

2. Not fester or take a ‘band-aid’ approach. It’s not worth it.

3. And you will learn how to say NO and have the confidence to assert yourself

Click to find out more about Gail    www.positivepathways.co.nz

As an exclusive gift for #EGUListeners, Gail is offering one of the following scripts please request this in the body of your email and she will send it to you.  No opt in required, a genuine FREE gift!

  • How to Recognise the Characteristics of Different Behaviours OR

  • a Script with examples of How to Refuse Requests without having to use the word NO. OR

  • some Scripts for Giving & Receiving Feedback

Email gail@positivepathways.co.nz , let her know which script you’d like and she’ll send it to you.

If you’d like to work with Michelle or If your life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone’ the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step.

To make it to that next level in business we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it.….reach out and connect with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life –  –  You can find me – Michelle Reinhardt by clicking here 

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Channeled Art  – Lisa Ormenyessy

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