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A Condor Moment to Awakening. Click on play to witness a very special story of Awakening from an extraordinary Man, Keith Abraham.
A Military veteran turned peaceful warrior. The story of how you can change your life no matter what your circumstances by taking responsibility to change yourself.

Keith Abraham a teacher of Tai Chi and spiritual growth, he also offers thought-provoking new ideas about masculinity and courage.

Keith’s experiences fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan led him to question the basis for conflict and how we perceive masculinity and courage. Swapping the intensity of war for that of the corporate world, Keith joined JP Morgan and, in the midst of this high-pressure environment, discovered meditation and the internal martial art of Tai Chi. These helped him process and redefine his experiences, while gradually changing his reactions to emotion and stress. Now, through his blog, podcasts, e-book, and videos, Keith aims to help others learn greater self-mastery by discussing topics like forgiveness, how appearances are deceptive, compassion, the fulfillment of dreams, and the power of vulnerability and sensitivity.

A Condor Moment was shared with Keith whilst in active combat to give Soldiers a tool to sour above unbearable situations and can be applied in personal and professional endeavors,   his story of War and his subsequent Awakening is powerful and moving. Listen in to learn of the 3 very powerful tools he used to change perspective and to shift from the dark into the light.

His core message is to redefine masculinity working with the power of vulnerability to heal self and others and above all
To Live Courageously.

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