Michelle Reinhardt

Today, in just a few moments I invite you on a meditative journey with me to unlock your uniqueness and the gifts of your full potential as we free you from the limiting vows and suffering from all times, space and dimensions awakening the freedom to move into the truth of who you are…..who you REALLY are.

Please do not continue if you are driving.

Today we merge with some magnificent questions and energies.  To do so, I request your ego to step to the side, outside of you, onto your left shoulder, and your Logical mind to also step out, onto your right shoulder and gently relax your mind.

Feeling into your center invite your Innate wisdom to guide you into your truth

Experience yourself in your body as a being of light?

FEEL what it’s like.

EXPERIENCE the awareness that you’re moving through a world of form and matter and yet you are distinct from it…pure light suspended within it.  Free and expansive!

Sense our interconnectedness to others, to our light, experience our sameness

Become completely weightless and free.

Allow yourself to drift with the words…I am that I am…I am that I am…I am that I am…I am that I am…I am that I am.

Everything we see with our eyes In this world of form comes and goes and changes but we Souls, we spiritual beings are eternal.  We are connected – our light exists forever.  The spiritual energy inside of us exists forever.

Experience yourself as Creator energy.  Created by the creator to create.

Listen in to call up from your soul bank the energy of your powerful soul essence, your gifts, and a greater frequency of divine love so that Io may live my life in the fullness and richness you were meant to.

Move forward to the truth of who you are as you go into the core of creation and call in the essence of your magnificent soul.  Call in health, vitality, confidence, courage, financial emotional, and spiritual abundance, and all required resources.

Feel, sense, and acknowledge the pure liquid white light of source energy in and around you

Feel it

Embody it

Embrace it

Call it forth into every cell, molecule, atom, bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, organ, gland and body system, mind and soul throughout all lifetimes and dimensions time and space – allow yourself now to shine out to the world connecting with all the people, places, opportunities and experiences that are fully aligned with these new frequencies and everything they represent connecting automatically, manifesting our needs, dreams, and desires for the greatest good of all

Ask your support team to bring in the essence of who you are.  Wise, loving, powerful, gentle ..  Download, infuse and integrate all of these frequencies and everything they represent as well as anything not said but needed and remove all old limiting programs replacing them with these new frequencies at all levels, layers, and throughout our entire being.

Allow the integration and anchor them into the layers and depth of who you are and apply them all as functional skills.

and so it is

Blessed be


Please repeat this meditation for 7 – 21 days to effect the change you wish to see in the World.

Please J subscribe and join me next week as I take you through another powerful guided process.  If you’d like to work with Michelle or If your life’s not where you’d like it to be I’d love to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone’ the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step.

To make it to that next level in our lives we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it and begin to thrive.…

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Sending HUGE love into your day and your life.

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Channeled Art  – Lisa Ormenyessy

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