Michelle Reinhardt

Your Soul wants to wake up!  Do you want to wake up or stay asleep?

This Podcast is for awakening and emerging Spiritual Entrepreneurs bringing global experts to you weekly we’re here to help you thrive in Energy, Mindset, Business and all things spiritual, today particularly to connect to your Soul.

I’m am Michelle Reinhardt of Mindset, Energy and healing transformations and creator of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite

Our guest today, this beautiful Sister is Ella – also known as  Pam Ella goddess in body.

Ella’s philosophy and offering is holistic: Mind. Body. Soul.

“When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer”. Today’s show is a little longer than usual, because it promises to BE Very unusual!   … Hang around for a VERY SPECIAL treat a guided meditation to ‘Take Back Your Power’

Ella, is rapidly creating A Global Tribe of Sacred Sisters who are coming home to themselves, themselves and no one but themselves! Living Breathing and Moving In your Body as your own unique Goddess!  Wherever you are in your Journey there will be a point of connection through this show, to help people to understand this a little more, Ella shares her remarkable story from a 12 year old drug addict right through to the Soul Sister, Teacher, Healer, Sacred Sexuality Guide &  Goddess that was always within there was just a fair bit of ‘crap around it’

Please click here for a great article to embrace the shadow on Ella’s site http://tantraella.com.au/embrace-the-shadow/

Learn why this so important

Learn what has changed that is ‘Waking women up’

Learn about the ‘Goddess in-Body’ movement – Claim your life, harness your power and unleash your brave.

Imagine if your life was exactly where you would like it to be!  We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to ‘do this alone – that’s the hard way!’  The easy way is to jump into the energy of acceleration with someone that inspires you to take quantum leaps and bounds in your life.  In an instant, you can begin to feel shifts toward freedom.

Mindset, Energy and Healing transformations with me – Michelle Reinhardt  Visit Michelle’s site, or join my online community  Click here to join Entrepreneurs Globally Unite

Free Gift ….  Take back your power MP3  power-meditation/

That’s it from us, until next week …..shine bright superstars!  That’s why you’re here!

Love and light xx Michelle

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