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This is your invitation to embark on a Personal journey of un-learning, self discovery and the success you’ve been seeking.

When we find our purpose and line it up with our journey life becomes easier than you ever thought possible.  THIS very process is my specialty, and it’s not as hard as you may think.  Our past conditioning has stopped you from the truth of who you are. So when you un-learn what you’ve been lead to believe, you move forward. When you realise that you’re the creator of your destiny, you move forward. When you define your success as learning how to become your most authentic self, you move forward in quantum leaps. And to do that, you need to unlearn who you think you are. Because it’s this limited view of your potential that keeps you trapped in patterns of self-sabotage, doubt and failure. Personal success is rediscovering the perfectly authentic you, and building a community of people around you who are on the same path. They’ll build you up, support, nurture and encourage you to last the distance – especially when the going gets tough! And especially when people closest to you don’t understand the journey that you’re on. If what you’ve been doing to reach success, spiritually, emotionally and financially, hasn’t worked for you, then it’s time to shake it up.  

Working with Michelle is your proven path to radical transformation on every level.

Never before has there been a time of such opportunity, yet I hear much of ‘Times are hard’ Prices are high’ ‘things are tough’, ‘I can’t get leads’, ‘nobody has any money’, when entertaining these human thoughts we can expect no less than a human result.  What your innermost thoughts are you will receive for this is a Law.   The seekers have found ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’ and many have given it a red hot shot and come up wanting. And why.  Why does it work for some and not for others?  Because it’s old news.  Our world is changing.  Thoughts are not just things, they are vibrations and frequencies and once aligned you will find your sweet spot in life. Start getting the results you deserve out of life, build wealth, create empowering relationships and learn how to build your life around what is important to you so you can bring to life your most treasured dreams.  

Try before you buy: Rapid Change Free 30 Minute Intro

  • I want to take you in behind the Law Of Attraction
  • Introduce you to the ‘Monkey’ that’s controlling your life
  • Help you uncover the most powerful secrets you have
  • Begin the journey of a lifetime with yourself
  • Gift you a formula for stillness ‘Ritual
  • Powerful, life changing tools for connectedness ‘Intuition’
  • Your very own blueprint for success ‘Vibration
  • The secret sauce is the powerful and intuitive 1 : 1 mentoring
  • Free Bonus 7 Steps to your ‘One Of A Kind Life’
  Have you experienced a wake-up call?  A divorce, an accident, an undesirable diagnosis, a death, a bankruptcy? Or maybe you’re confused and ‘waking up’ to questions, the big questions in life like, is this all there is to life?  What is the point of it all? what even is happiness?  what am I going to do next?  Either way, if you’re ready to get clarity, get answers and get results i’m here to help.

SMALL, medium, or massive change.  The choice is yours.

Book a jam packed power hour.  An intuitive clarity and connected session to Find your Why, What and How.  PLUS

What’s blocking and stopping you from reaching your infinite potentiality.  You can keep spending money on the next bright shiny object cluttering up your in-box or you can spend 1 hour and learn to tune into the most powerful and accurate guidance system you will ever need. Once transformed into your  personal power it dramatically improves your ability to proactively make more empowering decisions and leave old counterproductive thinking and habits in the past. Your new life begins with working with Michelle!  It’s time to stop beating yourself up, to dream bigger, take bold actions, listen to your heart and be open to magic. Change is easier when you have the support and motivation, and I welcome the opportunity to walk beside you as you begin your journey. You can change your life now and it won’t cost as much as you’d think.

One hour $197 USD.

Oh, and please join my Online Community ‘Entrepreneurs Globally Unite

I’d love to share a message with you which sends a shiver down my spine when I talk about it. It was a massive change of direction in my life and has put me on a path of

  • Getting the big questions answered
  • Financial independence and,
  • Knowing I wasn’t the only one seeking these things.

A message that will send a shiver down your spine. “You are not broken my friend, you do not need fixing!  You need empowering.”


Small. MEDIUM, or massive change.  The choice is yours.

This 4 week live and interactive program  has been created as a blueprint to help others achieve the success I now enjoy, it is a direct result of me thinking “I’m not doing this anymore, they’res got to be a better way” it is how I turned my breaking point spiritually, emotionally and financially into my turning point.   In the course of my work I’ve learnt how to help women and men who are at a ‘sticking point” in their lives get unstuck and powerfully change the course in their lives through teaching the Universal laws that govern us. This is what you can expect from our time together:

  • An accountability buddy (me!) to keep to keep you in zone.
  • Learn to seperate what you do from who you are.
  • 4 x 1 : 1 live and interactive high level mentoring.  (Valued at $197 per hour)
  • Whatever your soul is craving to propel you forward.
  • A Personalized ritual for daily connectedness
  • Meditation practices ‘For those that suck at meditation’
  • A personalized guided meditation for optimal manifestation
  • Spiritual healing, grounding and a new level of peacefulness
  • Graduation gift of the 11 Forgotten Laws upon completion.
  • Learn how to read and recognize your inner guidance system

This course will uncover the power within you, it is your journey to change it is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ your personal issues and deep desires will be uncovered and you will be on the journey of A Million Dollar Mindset.

Change is easier when you have the support and motivation, and I welcome the opportunity to walk beside you on your journey. $997.00 USD.

Mindset Mastery Payment

Small. medium, or MASSIVE change.  The choice is yours.

This is a stand alone course containing web-based audios, videos, guidebooks and a journaling system as well as our private social network, The Mastermind. BFE will take you on a 12 month journey of integrating new concepts and principles proven to create significant positive change into your life. You’re transformed into your  personal power and it increases your leadership skills. It dramatically improves your ability to proactively make more empowering decisions and leave old counterproductive thinking and habits in the past. Your new life begins with Beyond Freedom Evolution! Day by day you do your thing. It’s time to dream bigger, take bold actions, listen to your heart and be open to magic. Change is easier when you have the support and motivation, and I welcome the opportunity to walk beside you on your journey. You can change your life now and it won’t cost as much as you’d think. Connect with Michelle to get access to your free gift.

Change is easier when you have the support and motivation, and I welcome the opportunity to walk beside you on your journey. $2285.00 USD.


A Standalone 12 Month Personal Development Mindset Mastery course and/or a highly lucrative turnkey direct sales business model.


  • 9 web-based audios
  • 9 videos
  • 9 Guidebooks
  • A Journaling system
  • Instructive weekly Mastermind call
  • Pocket Pad mobile app
  • Quarterly personal 1 : 1 strategy sessions
  • Free Bonus 17 Days to Personal Transformation (Valued at $1497 USD) 
Madonna RobinsonA couple of days ago I was feeling blah, low energy, not really myself. Luckily I have an intuitive coach Michelle Reinhardt and she picked up that I’d taken on a lot of other people’s energy. I was quite surprised by this as I thought I had become immune to this. But, turns out she was right. On her advice I cleaned my energy field and felt absolutely fabulous the next day. But it gets even better than that, Once my system noticed that I was clearing other people’s energy, today it gave me a whole new level of old stuff that I didn’t even know I was carrying. And now I feel better than fabulous. And here’s another shoutout to my amazing intuitive coach Michelle Reinhardt. She picked up the initial blockage. I cleared some of it and Connie annihilated the rest. If you want a coach who is more than a coach, one who works at a much higher level than goals, accountability or simple action taking, then speak to Michelle. Madonna Robinson

28 February, 2016

“My experience working with Michelle has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate with manifest also willing to ask the good questions which need to be considered in a safe environment of support, empathy, encouragement and immediate results. She is absolutely exquisite with manifesting money and healing my belief. Wow! I was impressed with her quiet yet authentic demeanour, her intelligence, and her fine ability of coaching. Every exchange has been filled with integrity. This lifetime experience put my vibration high and evolution of self and soul, Michelle has graciously challenged me to rise to that potential. This experience with Michelle has been an honor, a gift of life a gift for myself. Thank you Michelle for this amazing journey with you. You are powerful healing coach ” Dany Couture, Canada

September, 2015

A big, huge, awesome thanks to Michelle Reinhardt for enlightening me in my path as a Professional Entrepreneur. I would highly recommend her services. She is highly intuitive and what a lovely experience to meet her via Skype (and hope to meet you in person sometime in near future, that would be even more amazing!) I am feeling clearer now where I need to work harder in order to become more productive. Thanks again!! Ilka Villareal, Australia

June 2015

Hi Michelle. I just wanted to tell you how authentically refreshing and uplifting your posts are. So cool in a sea of billions of posts – all yours definitely stand out to me. Your offers also is a genuine and legitimate way to make $$ I’m often tempted to opt-in just to chat to you. I also can feel your messages are never denigrating any others which is the vibration I feel from tons of ‘spiritual teachers/healers/manifestor mentors. Keep up the fantastic work you do. Businesses here in face book would do a whole lot better to follow your lead. Thanks a million x Your way of business engagement is the ‘new’ way. Terai Koronui

January, 2016

Michelle is able to see past the fluff and fudge that we as business owners like to spout about our business and get to the core of what we do and why we do it.  I think we get into business for all the wrong reasons, survival, to make money, but these things are not our true purpose.  Everyone has a purpose and potential, but not everyone is living a purposeful meaningful life.  I encourage those who are committed to going deep into finding their true north to have a chat to Michelle Justina Pomare, New Zealand

June 2015

Well recently I was fortunate enough to be gifted an abundance session with Michelle, that I completed today. Michelle was kind, warm, open, honest and beautifully transparent with who she is and what her ‘work/purpose’ is. All of which put me at great ease over the phone. Which considering we have never met is a great ability to have. My abundance session with Michelle has left me feeling lighter, lifted and honestly joyful.

If you feel stuck, or are unsure of what is holding you back in anyway or are just curious about how you can raise your abundance vibration – as I was – I highly recommend you get in touch with Michelle. You never know what will open up as a result.

I’m as happy as I can be! Cant stop smiling or literally dancing with joy! This isn’t unusual for me, however what is, is the unwavering joy I feel just being me ☺

It’s like my heart is exploding and expanding with true joy
Incredible feeling

22 September, 2016

Raechel DeMarchi