Michelle Reinhardt

E11. Your Power is in your story. Learn to soulfully craft yours.

For the hunters and adventurers looking to uncover their nuggets in life script and get your story published, join us for a 40-minute interactive workshop, work through the step by step process and finish with a story and WHERE to get it published.

Storytelling is an energy and the bigger the story to share the bigger the ripple effect it will create in life.

Passing on your lessons to others through personal storytelling is a way for you to grow your audience and tribe and list.

Media outlets are craving personal essays from entrepreneurs right now with all the changes happening in the world. They want to know how you are personally impacted.

Carrie Severson believes so strongly in the power of the story. She is masterful at bringing stories to light. She is gifted at helping inspiring women craft their stories for the world to see. She does that through her gifts of writing, editing, listening to her intuition, and thanks to her 20-year-career in the magazine industry.
Think of a lesson you learned within the last six months. Share that lesson with me. What are three nuggets of information you’d like to pass on to your audience about your lesson? Who is your audience? What are they looking to learn from you? Would they be interested in learning your lesson? We’ll go through how to identify your lesson as a powerful story. And we’ll go through how to craft a first-person story that would be well received by an audience.

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Take care Superstars, remember to shine….that’s why you’re here! See you next week.

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