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Michelle clearly remembers over a decade ago being in a deep state of despair, a mum of two young girls, and failing miserably to make ends meet, avoiding the letterbox for fear of bills and hiding from the Sheriff. I was extremely unwell, in and out of the hospital so much they called me a frequent flyer (funny, not funny). I was begging and pleading for help internally whilst trying to keep the face on in for the ‘friends’ and thinking … life shouldn’t be this hard! But for me, it was!

.. and it got worse, the house had to be sold. I fell to my knees distraught beyond words as the sold sticker was slapped on the for-sale board by the new owners. My beautiful eldest daughter put her hand on my shoulder and said ‘we’ll be alright mum, we’ve still got each other. I cried even harder, as I felt her love but I did not share her optimism.

The kids came out of private and into public school, crushing many of my dreams for them and myself, gut-wrenching guilt and shame are all I remember of those times.

All the successes I had achieved in my past prior to becoming a wife and mother I had lost touch with, completely forgotten. My confidence was shot from decades of being shut down and gaslighted! It’s fair to say that I hated myself and I had no idea who that person was looking back at me in the mirror, I couldn’t even look myself in the eye. I was a walking time bomb, numb and going through the motions with a broken heart from life. 

Having to leave a trolly-full of groceries behind in Woolies because my card bounced, watching my girl’s faces, trying to explain, and something snapped. I thought to myself, I might be broke, but I will not be broken! And a small spark of a fire nestled in my belly – how the fuck could I turn this around? I had no clue, but I just knew I would, and the words ‘Faith it till you make it became my mantra.

At that very moment I began to learn how to change my life by learning all about Energy, Vibration, and Frequency, and the Universe jumped in boots and all, women stepped in left, right, and center, I was gifted free mentoring, coaching, and eventually, I went from surviving to thriving. The energy had shifted and I began to remember who I was.

The critical element is Personal Transformation. Finding the Essence and the Power within myself changed my life, connecting with my non-physical team and for once in my life not feeling alone was inexplainable, I saw my life as the illusion that it is when I tapped into my truth and my greater being, and in doing so, I accepted that I had created all my own drama and disappointment (I had a fair bit of help but ultimately I played the cards) and… if I could create that whopping big mess, I could create my way out of it just as spectacularly, and that I did!

I desperately wanted to feel peaceful, to be calm and centered, to be happy to be alive and happy in my own skin, and I stopped expecting others to do that for me and I dug deeper and deeper until eventually, bit by bit, day by day, I found it in myself.

I know what it takes to change your life into one of your wildest dreams because I’ve done it, and I want to teach you because the ripple effect of you having personal, emotional, physical, and financial freedom for yourself reaches far, wide and deep into every life we have the privilege to touch especially our families. It meant everything to me that my girls be proud of me, and they are, they really are, I am proud of myself too!

I feel that I truly did have to learn these lessons to answer my original desperate thoughts of why life shouldn’t be so hard, so I could make it a lot easier for those following in my footsteps. We make it hard and it is a choice with every thought we think and action we take. I will help you embrace your Psychic/Intuitive side and allow you to live with more ease, alignment and fulfillment, I do not waste your time with fluff and fillers.

I am Michelle, of Soul Therapy By Michelle and I would love to meet you.

Michelle Reinhardt
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