Become The Most Peaceful, Confident and Powerful Person You Know

Set yourself up for a Brilliant day EVERY day with a FREE downloadable 4 step success ritual.
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Become The Most Peaceful, Confident, and Powerful Person You Know

Set yourself up for a Brilliant day EVERY day with a FREE downloadable 4 step success ritual.

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A little about Michelle:

  •  Loves a good Netflix binge.
  • Has been an Elite Athlete in days gone by.
  • Jumped out of an airplane over Victoria Falls in Africa, thankfully tethered to a parachute! “Never Again”.
  • A sucker for dogs (you’ll always find one, two, or more at home with us).
  • Obsessed with nature and Hiking (the more remote the better).
  • A single mum of two magnificent young adults.
  • Obsessive and compulsive tendencies, it’s all or nothing for her.

Her values are simple
F – Freedom
A – Alchemy
I – Integrity
T – Trancendance
H – Happiness.

Just like you, Michelle always knew there was more to life than the slog she was enduring, always. In a two-decade pursuit of truth, she soaked up knowledge, sought teachers, guides and mentors, schooling herself through financial, emotional, and spiritual demise.

In finding herself, she found her Spiritual team of Angels and Guides which lead to the acquisition of a pretty impressive ‘tool kit’.

Michelle took the long hard way to Abundance, Wealth and Happiness and developed the fast track for you with her signature program ‘4 Steps to Freedom’.

The relatively new #EGU Podcast for awakening and Emerging Entrepreneurs is rapidly gaining traction in the Podcast world covering Mindset, Energy, Business, and all things ‘Spiritual’.

Just shy of 100 Episodes, the YouTube channel hosting the EGU Podcast is for awakening and emerging souls ready to step into a deeper understanding of Mindset, Energy, Business, and all things ‘Spiritual’

As we and our world shifts to more heart-centered energy, our lives are shifting rapidly. With Global experts sharing their actionable insights, wisdom, and knowledge into your earbuds, you will receive healing, amazing mindset tools and business skills for your budding entrepreneurs that will help you grow into the new earth energies to find a calmer, easier, and more profound way of living. This *Can’t-miss* listening for Soulful and Successful seekers is all free, you can devour the content at your own pace.

Ready to Experience Expansive Freedom?  
Work with Michelle.

Spiritual Life Coach

In Person & Online

We unravel the mysteries behind that which holds us in a life of lack, scarcity, pain, and confusion, beginning the journey toward a life that’s even hard to imagine but is within you anyway. We help you create a life of Freedom, Fun, Purpose, and Expansion.

Massage & Energy Healing

In Person

Mind, Body, and Soul Integration. Options include Mindset and Vibrational Alignment, Massage, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, and Energy Healing. A happy body, mind, and soul creates a wonderfully happy life.

Angelic Reiki Healing

& Workshops

Angelic Reiki is a gift to oneself. It offers the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light, to bring one of the highest forms of healing. An Angelic Healing can have a very positive ripple effect into your life.

Spiritual Hypnosis

In Person & Online

Quantum Spiritual Hypnosis with SOUNDSYNCTECH™ Brainwave Technologies. You ask the questions and together we get the answers. We can Align you with a journey of Self-Discovery, Purpose, and Empowerment…… and so much more.

Workshops & Events

In Person & Online

Angelic Reiki Workshops. The weekend workshops offer intensive and profound healing, skills, friendships, and pathways with those beginning or on a Spiritual Journey. Meditation details in the dropdown tab above.

EMF Protection & Essential

Oils – Shop

There may be an association between increased EMF exposure and many health conditions. Now more than ever, it is important that we have products in our home and on our person to shield us from harmful emissions in the environment.

Imagine a life that feels Joyful, Connected and Inspired.  Let me show you how!

Learn how to tap into True Creation – The Quantum Way, Freedom, Soul Awakening and Unlimited Abundance

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Testimonials – Hear What People Are Saying
About Michelle…

I was at a point in my life where is was in limbo. I called out to Spirit to help me take the next steps as I knew I had blockages, one’s that I was not able to shift myself. Spirit brought Michelle into my life for which I am grateful.  I have had a session of Wellness Hypnosis with Michelle and it was truly a mind blowing experience. Old energies which had been causing blockages were able to be healed. My energy went from small to being expanded beyond my understanding, including incredible work on my heart. Guidance and insight was made available throughout the session. If you are looking for someone to help you in your life to release old patterns of behaviour, karma or anything else I recommend Michelle. She has a loving and compassionate way about her. She is truly marvelous at the work she does.

Sue Martin

Michelle Reinhardt is a gifted light worker and healer. In a way I cannot articulate Michelle managed to reopen the lines of communication with spirit I thought I had lost. I feel centered, calm and at one with spirit/universe again. My own spiritual growth has taken a leap forward after Michelle’s healing.
I can’t explain how she does it – she just does it!!

Thank you beautiful Michelle for the gift of both your healing and friendship.
Love you adopted sista

Tania Hawting